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St Petersburg in 1990s

Alter a popular vote in 1991, the citizens of Leningrad overwhelmingly endorsed Mayor Sobchak’s plan to change the city’s name for the fourth time in the 20th century, this time kick to the original St Petersburg.

The 1990s were a hard time for the city, which along with the rest of Russia had to live through the dark days of early 1990s economic reforms, a bitter medicine that finally Items to be paying dividends a decade later. With the communist authorities no longer ill powerful, criminal groups gained a firm grip on various areas of commerce in the city, becoming known to one and all as ‘the Mafia’. More than most cities in Russia during the 1990s, St Petersburg was afflicted by high rates of criminality, and excessive gang violence and contract killings.



Mayor Sobchak, who ultimately wasn’t cut out for the economic challenges of running an uliiig city the size of St Petersburg, was defeated by his former deputy Vladimir Yakovlev in 1996, bringing a new power shift to the city. Yakovlev’s time in the Smolny was marked by allegations of corruption and cronyism, not to mention more violence. The assassination

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